TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — One of Davis Islands’ largest waterfront properties is hitting the market for “a reasonably priced” $23.9 million, according to Smith & Associates Real Estate.

The estate at 42 Ladoga Avenue boasts a 9,038 square-foot home originally designed and built in 1928. The home sits on three buildable lots spread across 1.45 acres – making it larger than the parcel that Derek Jeter’s home sold for in 2022.

Jeter’s home sold for a record-breaking price of 22 million for the 345 feet on Tampa Bay. That home will ultimately be torn down by its new owner.

Smith & Associates say the three lots at 42 Ladoga have direct water access to the Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

The estate features seven bedrooms, seven full and two half baths, along with a full gym, entertainment wing, wine cellar, and two executive offices.

The property also features a boat house with one 55-foot, 80,000 lb Neptune boat lift, and a 13-foot 6,000 lb multi-use lift.

“In comparison to the higher-priced markets of Palm Beach and Miami, Tampa is still ultimately a reasonably priced waterfront community that is quickly becoming a business and cultural center,” the real estate agency said in a listing.” The highest-priced home in Miami sold for just over 106 million in 2022.”

Davis Islands is home to a private airport, a membership-only yacht club, a tennis complex, and a business district with coffee bars, outdoor cafes, and shopping.

“With the influx of out-of-state buyers flooding our market who are accustomed to price points well above what Tampa has produced, obtaining a significant piece of Tampa Bay’s waterfront like this is nothing less than a rarified opportunity,” said real estate agent Mary Beth Byrd.

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