PLANT CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – “Holy Macaroni” is bringing a concept not usually seen at fairs or festivals to this year’s Florida Strawberry Festival.

The scratch kitchen serves up made-to-order mac and cheese bowls.

Owners Alan and Monica Belmonte have been guests to the festival for many years, but this is their first year working the event.

“We do mac and cheese bowls, gourmet mac and cheese bowls. So anything from lobster, steak, veggies and everything in between,” said Monica. “You pick your ingredients and we literally… we cook every single bowl to order. So it’s different, bringing this type of food to a fair setting because you don’t normally see scratch kitchens.”

Alan said they chose mac and cheese for their concept because the dish is one of the top comfort foods out there.

“Mac and cheese, everyone loves it. From the kids, all the way to the adults, to the mature residents of society, everyone loves it,” he said.

Alan explained their bowls are made “Chipotle-style,” with customers picking what they want.

Holy Macaroni’s most popular seller is the seafood dish, made with blue crab, shrimp and scallops along with their mac and cheese. Also popular are the simple steak and bacon bowl, as well as a newer buffalo chicken bacon ranch bowl.

Thinking strawberry mac and cheese probably wouldn’t be too tasty, Alan and Monica are serving lemonade with fresh strawberries at their location.

“So we slice them up, we serve some in our lemonade… we also take fresh strawberries and puree them so you’ll get chunks of strawberries with the whole fruit,” Monica said.

A full schedule and map of the Strawberry Festival can be found online.