TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The mother of Noah McAdams testified in court Tuesday and said she and her husband sought “alternative treatments” instead of chemotherapy to treat their son’s cancer.

Taylor Bland-Ball was on the stand for a couple of hours.

The mother of the boy, now 4, told the court how she scoured the internet to find natural remedies to cancer.

“Oxygen, nutrition therapies,” Bland-Ball said when questioned.

Bland-Ball and her husband, Joshua McAdams, made global headlines in April when they refused chemotherapy for Noah after he was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia, which affects blood and bone marrow.

The family was found in Kentucky, just days after they left Florida refusing a doctor’s orders.

The parents told 8 On Your Side in May how they vehemently opposed this form of cancer treatment. Instead, they preferred a more organic approach to healing, one that didn’t include chemo. 

“You were trying to treat him with herbs, other plants?” Assistant Florida Attorney General Kenneth Becks asked father Joshua McAdams Monday.

“We gave him tea, and other alkaline foods,” Joshua McAdams responded. “The first step of healing is benefit within and being in a positive state of mind.”

On Tuesday, Bland-Ball admitted the family left Florida with their son.

“Yes,” she said when asked.

The boy remains in custody with a relative. Judge Thomas Palermo will decide what happens with the boy, going forward. His ruling is expected Sept. 9 at 4 p.m., he said.