TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — In recent decades, Tampa’s Riverwalk has grown into a destination for visitors and residents. Now as the city goes through a development boom, the Riverwalk is set to expand alongside it.

From boat parades, to the River O’ Green Fest, or even just for a stroll, Tampa’s Riverwalk has become one of the most popular destinations downtown.

“I love that you can walk everywhere. That’s one reason why I chose to live right here. There’s so much to do, like last week, the St. Patrick’s Day festival. And it’s just so convenient and it makes it feel like a community,” said Tampa resident Amy Langsenkamp.

Soon the city plans to make it even better.

The 6-mile project involves completing the remaining gaps in what will be a 12.2-mile path/trail, and installing enhanced, safe crossing features at major roadways.

The project connects the existing Riverwalk on the East Side of the River to what will be the new “West River” side of the Riverwalk, according to a city spokesperson.

Langsenkamp lives on the west side and is excited to have more walkability.

“Obviously living right here, it’s so nice that we have it on the other side, but having it here would be awesome. I feel like Tampa is really up-and-coming, and there’s so much being built, so I think it’ll be good,” said Langsenkamp.

The pathway will connect neighborhoods along the river and north of the downtown area.

According to city officials, the Tampa Riverwalk Project begins at Platt and Bayshore, across the Publix
Goes under the Brorein Street Bridge, hugs the river and connects to the University Tampa. There will be a safer pedestrian crossing over Cass Street. There will be a connection to the new Rome Yard Development near the North Boulevard Street North South Bridge.

“We’ll be able to transform not only the west side of the river but we can connect to other developments that are coming,” said Brandie Miklus, Infrastructure & mobility program coordinator with the City of Tampa.

There will also be safety features, like bike lanes, to make the city safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

“We have a commitment to Vision Zero, it’s a strategy to get to zero deaths and life-changing injuries on our roadways. So one of the ways we can do that is to have safer walk and bike connections,” said Miklus.

24 million comes from a federal transportation grant. The city will contribute the rest of the funding.
it’s scheduled to be finished

The City of Tampa will be advertising the project and getting a contractor by the end of 2022. The plan to start the design in 2023, and start construction in 2024. The project will be substantially completed by the end of 2026.