TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — New court documents revealed more information about what led up to a deadly shootout between Tampa police and 33-year-old Michael Bresnahan.

According to the documents, Bresnahan had been involved in a confrontation with the mother of his children after she sought protection. He reportedly tried to abduct the woman, and when he failed to get her into his car, he stabbed her 13 times in front of their two children.

The children were unharmed in the stabbing incident, but were abducted by Bresnahan.

The court filing says Bresnahan called his brother after the stabbing and made suicidal statements. He arranged to drop the children off with his brother.

He drove away and was pursued by police. Officials released video showing a police helicopter track Bresnahan’s car as it sped through some of the city’s busiest streets.

According to the Tampa Police Department, 18 officers fired their weapons at Bresnahan after he displayed an AK-47 and threatened to shoot.

While the shooting was taking place, David Bedore was just down the street making dinner for his family.

“I just got home, then we heard a succession of 40 to 50 pops,” Bedore recalled. “It was continuous, but not like a firework. Like, you could kind of hear them trailing off. It was one and then one, two, three—not a continuous like a firework.”

As the shooting unfolded, Bedore feared for his family’s safety.

“I was able to see officers running, people, through that church parking lot and that’s when I kind of grabbed the kid, the dog and the wife and we got away from the windows,” Bedore said.

Buildings near the scene of the shooting are scarred with bullet holes.

Police said that despite the amount of shots fired by officers, it appears Bresnahan died at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

A check of court records shows Bresnahan had a number of traffic citations in the past and an arrest for the distribution of cocaine near a school, but nothing that would indicate he’s capable of the type of violence that led up to the shootout.

A family member is now trying to gain temporary custody of the children while their mother is being treated for her wounds in the hospital.