TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Participants of the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim, an annual tradition that began 14 years ago, honored Navy seals who were killed in the line of duty Sunday morning.

“We’re just out here making sure our boys are never forgotten,” said Gold Star mom Dotti Nickerson, mother of fallen Navy Seal Kyle Milliken.

“That’s my baby,” she said. “My baby, who did exactly what he was born to do. I respect that, but I miss him every day.”

Milliken was on his 10th and final deployment when he was killed in action in Somalia in 2017.

“He was funny,” Nickerson said. “He was dedicated.”

“He was a wonderful father, terrific son, great friend, always there for everybody,” she continued. “He wanted to make a difference, and he made a difference.”

He is one of the many Navy seals being remembered at the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim.

“We were responding to a seal who had been injured Sept. 2009,” said co-founder Rory O’Connor. He stepped on a pressure plate and lost both of his legs in Afghanistan.”

“34 of us bay area veterans, master swimmers all got together with a kayak to each swim across the bay, hoping to raise $500 a piece,” he continued. “In total, we all raised $30,000 that first year.”

Each year, more swimmers join and they raise more money.

“This year the goal is to raise a million dollars,” O’Connor said. “All of that goes to the Navy Seal Foundation. 93 cents or better on the dollar goes to the intended cause.”

You can donate to the Navy Seal Foundation here.