HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Patty Alonso has been a teacher in Hillsborough County for 27 years and been working at the same school for 18 years. Last week, she learned her job is being eliminated.

“I have made such a connection with the kids there, the faculty, we’ve been like a big family for a very long time and I feel like I’ve had a very big impact on the lives of so many of the students,” said Alonso.

She was devastated when she was told her job is being cut.

“It’s very sad when I talk about it because I was kind of dumbfounded when they told me that my unit was cut,” said Alonso.

Her job is one of 1,000 being cut across Hillsborough County. School Superintendent Addison Davis says the cuts are needed because of an anticipated 100-million dollar shortfall in the annual budget.

The Hillsborough County Classroom teachers association says they are working to make sure the teachers still have a job, even if their positions are cut.

“We are currently working with the district to crosswalk every single employee into a position for next year,” said Rob Kriete with the Classroom Teachers Association.

The Hillsborough County School district says they hire more than 1,100 new teachers each year. This year those jobs will be filled by the teachers whose positions have been cut at other schools. Still, for long-time teachers like Patty Alonso, the change will not be easy.

“It just breaks my heart that this is happening to me this close to the end of my career,” said Alonso.