TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Across the United States more than 1,800 flights were delayed on Monday, according to Flight Aware.

Last Thursday and Friday, Flight Aware tracked more than 12,000 delayed flights.

The delays carried over into the weekend, impacting the plans of Angela Osborne and her group as they tried to fly back home to Detroit.

“It does get very pricey and then if you have plans at home, you have to make a bunch of changes, working, and it’s no fun,” said Osborne.

Steve Villor found out early in the morning that his trip out of Tampa had been affected.

“At three in the morning, while I was sleeping, we got a text and an email saying it was delayed until one in the afternoon,” said Villor.

The delay cost him more than six hours and an extra night in a hotel.

Meghan Walch with “InsureMyTrip” said in each of these cases, flight insurance could have helped.

“Depending on the airline, they may work with you in different ways, but travel insurance may have coverage if you are delayed, your flights are delayed and you have to pay for certain things like food or additional accommodations at a hotel,” said Walch.