TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — After 50 years in business, an iconic Tampa restaurant is no longer owned by its namesake.

But don’t worry – Mel’s Hot Dogs is not expected to change much. Mel Lohn said he made sure of it.

“The perfect situation is all my wonderful customers that I’ve developed over decades and decades and decades, come in and see no change,” Lohn told WFLA when he listed the business for sale in May.

“There is an intelligent person out there that recognizes what this is,” Lohn said. “There’s no question in my mind.”

Mel’s Hot Dogs was purchased by a LCC formed by the Szabo family, Lohn told WFLA on Thursday. The holding company bought the property with an agreement that the business will stay open and operating in a similar manner.

There will be one significant change, though. The restaurant will soon stay open on Sundays.

Lohn said he’ll continue to eat at Mel’s for the same reason he set up shop in the 70’s: “I couldn’t find a good Chicago hotdog here,” he said.

The Chicago native found himself in Tampa while on tour with his band. In 1973, he opened Mel’s Hot Dogs on Busch Blvd., where it sits to this day.