TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa Mayor Jane Castor is promising more transparency and accountability in the wake of back-to-back scandals inside City Hall.

This comes after separate controversies involving two Tampa council members: Orlando Gudes and John Dingfelder.

Last month, councilman John Dingfelder resigned over a public records lawsuit. he’s also facing an ethics probe for allegedly using his position for personal profit.

Public records revealed that the city’s attorney found that texts and emails involving Dingfelder showed ethical problems that went against the “City of Tampa Ethics Code and/or the State Ethics Code.”

Just two weeks later, the city released details of an investigation accusing councilman Orlando Gudes of sexually harassing one of his city employees.

Gudes stepped down from his position on March 31 as council chairman, but has vowed to fight the allegations and remain on city council.

Castor called controversies “isolated incidents” that do not reflect the city council as a whole.

“Tampa’s Code of Ethics is stronger than the state of Florida’s, but these recent controversies suggest the City of Tampa can do more to improve our transparency and accountability,” she said.

To reach these improvements, Castor said the city will use a new system to speed up public records requests.

The city also has purchased software to capture and retain records on employees’ phones more easily.

Mayor Castor is also asking the city Ethics Commission to review current ethics standards and requirements for lobbyist disclosures and registrations, as well as ethics enforcement processes and conflict of interest disclosure requirements of all elected city officials.