TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council said it has new information that should be a wake-up call for local government.

The Planning Council conducted a study that showed many people who live in affordable housing in the area also live in areas that are prone to flooding.

“What we’ve done is look at each of the six counties in the Tampa Bay region and identified where affordable housing structures exist and what we find is many are in a flood-prone area,” Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council Executive Director Sean Sullivan said.

According to Sullivan, governments can help.

“Government can help to identify structures, identify potential improvements to those structures, such as potentially a new roof, hurricane windows, hurricane shutters,” Sullivan said.

Braid Baird with the City of Tampa said the city is now working to improve drainage in communities that have flooded in the past.

“In advance of a storm, we always pump down all of the ponds. So, within 72 hours of a storm approaching, we pump down those ponds so they can hold more water when we get hit with a storm,” Baird said. “Year-round, we do clean out the vegetation and the muck to maintain the maximum volume that we can in the ponds. The ponds are on a three year cycle to be cleaned out.”

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said the city has also partnered with the HART Bus service to help evacuate people from areas before a storm hits.

She said the evacuation plan will help people who can’t afford their own transportation.

“We have evacuation routes through our bus systems and they are sent to particular locations where they can take individuals that aren’t able to self evacuate to safe shelters,” Castor said.