HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Authorities are still searching for a person who shot and killed a man during a carjacking at a Shell station in East Lake-Orient Park on Saturday night.

The business’ owner, Mike Hanna caught it all on his security cameras.

“Everybody got hurt,” Hanna recalled. “My customers got scared.”

Surveillance video shows a vehicle pull up to the pump.

“The driver gets out,” Hanna said. “The one in the backseat, he gets to the front.”

“He gets the gun and shoots the guy,” Hanna continued. “He drives back the car and they run away.”

About a minute later, someone is seen getting out of the backseat and getting into an altercation with the driver. Then the driver gets out of the car and a person moves to the driver’s seat.

The person in the driver’s seat can be seen shooting the passenger and driving off in the victim’s vehicle.

Investigators arrived at the scene minutes later.

“When our deputies arrived, they found a man had been shot,” said Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Marco Villarreal. “We quickly sent that man to the hospital.”

He was declared dead.

“Our detectives immediately started working this case as a homicide,” Villarreal said.

The sheriff says this is an isolated incident, but they will not stop until the shooter is found.

“We have a good idea of who the suspect is, we know that they were known to each other, we just got to find them and put them away,” Villarreal said.

The sheriff’s office is asking those with information to call detectives at 813-247-8200.