TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It’s like being part of an Easter Egg hunt all year long. The rock painting craze is sweeping across the country. The idea: paint a rock and leave it somewhere for someone else to find.

Rock painting groups on Facebook allow people to share ideas and keep this craze going.

Calley Pate, a blogger from Palm Harbor, took rock painting to a new level when she developed monthly challenges. On her blog, “Back To Calley,” she comes up with a different subject to paint for each day of the month. She then posts the list.

“I just needed some inspiration, so I created a month-long challenge, and I was shocked at how many people shared the challenge,” explained Pate. “I saw my friends in Jacksonville. I had a friend in Hawaii. They were like, your challenge has been shared everywhere,” she continued.

Pate and her daughter Bailey often paint and hide the rocks together, and it all started with a walk in the park.

“There were kids running around hiding rocks, and we thought ‘What is that all about?’ We came home and found out people were hiding them in parks and in grocery stores,” recalled Pate. “It’s just to brighten someone’s day.”

Pate invited News Channel 8’s Leigh Spann and Gayle Guyardo to her house for a painting session.

“You can pick a rock. You can either paint on one that’s already been painted on a background or a plain one,” Pate explained.

There was acrylic paint and brushes of all sizes, paint pens and markers all laid out neatly on the kitchen table.

Spann chose a turquoise rock and tried her hand at drawing a bunny using the paint pens. It slowly evolved into an orange tabby cat. Guyardo painted a puppy dog on a gray rock. “My rock is Pickles, Leigh’s dog,” exclaimed Guyardo.

Rocks like these are then left in hiding spaces across Tampa Bay. Have you seen them?STORIES OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-