TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Tampa Police Department has released the 911 call Friday made shortly after a small sightseeing helicopter crashed off the coast of Davis Islands.

Authorities said the helicopter was wrapping up a sightseeing tour for a family of three when it lost power on the way back to the Peter O. Knight Airport.

Luckily, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Blaine Gabbert and his brothers, who were on jet skis nearby, leaped into action to rescue the helicopter’s passengers. The brothers brought the three passengers to safety.

A Tampa Police Department marine patrol unit arrived within minutes to rescue the pilot from the crash.

“All passengers on the helicopter are safe thanks to the quick action of these hometown heroes,” the City of Tampa said in a Facebook post.

A transcription of the 911 call can be read below:

Dispatcher: Tampa Police 911. What is the location of your emergency?

Caller: Yes, we have an emergency. A helicopter just went down off Davis Islands 

Dispatcher: Okay. On Davis Islands?

Caller: It went down in the water off Davis Islands. It’s about 200 yards off the point. It just went down and it has submerged. We were on the deck at the Davis Islands Yacht Club watching it and it came down and is underwater right now.

Dispatcher: Alright give me one second.

Caller: They need help.

Dispatcher: Alight we have the call okay, just stay on the line for the paramedics okay? Don’t hang up.

The dispatcher then transferred the line to additional emergency services.

Caller: We have two personal watercraft emerging. Nobody has come out of the wreck. Nobody has come up yet.

Dispatcher: When you say 200 yars, are you saying south, east west?

Caller: It is west but its right off of the Davis Islands Yacht club.

Dispatcher: We are sending help. Thank you for letting us know. Make sure nobody else is putting themselves in danger.