TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Packing for an airplane trip can be overwhelming and confusing. The last thing you want is to be looking for misplaced items or realize you forgot something.

Sarah Doering is a professional organizer who hacks out ways to create space in your suitcase.

Doering owns Simplicity Organizing Solutions. She tells her customers to keep it simple. When we go to pack, we tend to try to bring everything. “Try to think about it another way,” adds Sarah. “Where it’s maybe, what can you not live without.”

Sarah says start by creating outfit sticky notes for each day of your trip. Write out the entire outfit on the “Day One” note, and do the same for each day.

Then remember the clothing that stays together, plays together. Sarah says roll the entire outfit together. Place the undergarment, socks and jewelry in a pair of pants then roll it all together. Then place that group on a shirt, and roll it up.  Then put in inside the suitcase with the sticky of note of “Day One.” This way every outfit is complete and together when you are ready to wear it.

Amy Hafner is a Simplicity Solutions customer. Like Leslee, one of her biggest complaints with packing is when liquids or gels spill in the suitcase. “My favorite packing hack is how to pack toiletries. And getting small bottles, and making sure they are wrapped correctly so they don’t explode all over your suitcase.”

Leslee learned that saran wrap placed between the bottle opening and the lid will prevent leaks from happening if it pops opens during travel. Belts are also great to keep an office collar from getting smashed. Sarah says roll them up and place them in the collar.

If you have bulky items try using a space bag. Place your clothing in the bag, attach a vacuum to the hole and start sucking out all that air. It will create more room in your suitcase for other items. Sarah placed a down jacket in a space bag and when she was finished sucking the air out, you could see the bag was significantly flatter which created more space in the suitcase.

Sarah says it’s great to wind up ear buds and use an office clip to hold the wires close. This will prevent tangling. You can also place small items like this in an eyeglass case.

Leslee learned that another great hack for people who travel frequently is to buy a second set of toiletries. Put those items you will always need, such as deodorant, a toothbrush, and shampoo in a clear bag in your suitcase and never remove it when you return home. That way you will never forget those essential items.

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