TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — We know life is hectic, that’s why all this month we are showing you ways to make things easier with “Life Hacks.” Leslee Lacey

If you have children or a very active schedule, it can sometimes seem like you’re living out of your car. Leslee teamed up with a professional organizer who showed her some life hacks that will help make that second home of yours more functional and safer while you drive.

“A lot of us have mental clutter. We have physical clutter. And eliminating some of those things will at least give us a little bit of peace of mind as we go through our daily activities,” says Sarah Doering, who owns Simplicity Organizing Solutions.

One of her clients, John Holland, says having things organized in his car allows him to focus on driving and not look for things in the vehicle. “A lot of times you will have small stuff in the car and it seem it’s all over the place.”

Doering says you should start with choosing specific places to store items. To create a special home for your belongings. Like always storing your GPS in your center console. Doering also says the console should be a “driver only” zone. Where mom or dad can grab essential items quickly. Having a small bag with personal items is good for the console. But Doering warns not to overload it.  “When we start to overfill you are gonna get things at the bottom,” explains Doering.

Placing loose change in the cup holder makes it easily accessible adds Doering. Drivers will tend to use the money, if it’s in view.

Doering says clear folders are great for loose papers because they are thin and you can see what’s inside them. She recommends having one for receipts and one for coupons. Doering believes coupons should be kept in the car because otherwise they tend not to be used before they expire. It’s like the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” The clear folders can be placed perfectly between the car seat and the console, and will double as a barrier to prevent food and other stuff falling between the thin area.

Doering says never remove your car phone charger. It’s best to buy a second charger for your home so you will always have access to communication and a full battery.

The back seat can seem like the kids live there. But Doering has a solution for that. “Having a designated trash can in the car can help. You are going to have to empty that daily because it is small,” says Doering.

Sometimes kids expect parents to find things for them. Holland says,  “I think a lot of problems with people driving is that they don’t focus on driving. They are focusing on, hey where is this, where is that.” So, Doering says a portable entertainment center solves this problem, complete with games and coloring books to keep kids occupied while mom and dad have the wheel. It’s like a backpack that fits on the back of the front seats, and detaches easily to take inside your home for refilling.

For the trunk space, Doering likes labeled lightweight bins. Use a chalk pen to change the labels when you want. Doering suggests one for emergency items, one for snacks and then your choice for the third.

And finally the golden life hack for your vehicle is a portable vacuum cleaner. You will periodically have to charge it, but it will help keep order in your vehicle and bugs out of it.

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