TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – According to Pinterest, pins for wall art spiked 637 percent in 2017. Along with wall art, artisan-made decor is among the top design trends for 2018.

Versatile, farmhouse fresh signs (think, Joanna Gaines) can cost a pretty penny. But, it’s possible to make your own for under $10 by re-purposing art you have at home, says Anna Richardson, co-owner of The Hen House, a gathering place for crafters of all kinds, located in Carrollwood.

“You already have the wood there, it already has the hangers on it, you know the perfect spot for it to go in your house,” she says.As an example, Richardson showed us how she re-purposed her son’s tractor-themed art that she admittedly spent way too much for many years ago at a higher-end home decor store. But, she says, any wood or canvas art can be given new life.

Hack #1: Don’t use acrylic paint, which tends to peel up. Instead, opt for chalk paint which you can purchase at any craft store or online. “With chalk paint, you don’t need to prime. You can go straight over whatever it is you’re trying to cover, it it hides all your mistakes,” Richardson says.

Hack #2: Use a hair dryer to dry your painted project in minutes.

Hack #3: For sharp lines, use a stencil. Make sure the stencil is firmly adhered to your project and seal in the lines using a watered-down mix of your base coat paint. Dry that layer with the hair dryer. Then, paint over your stencil with the color of choice and dry. When you remove the stencil, you should have nice clean lines.

Hack #4: To bad more rustic charm or even erase some “oops” in your design, brush over your project lightly with a sanding block.

The total time for this project, Richardson estimates, is about an hour.If you’re not ready to hack your art on your own, The Hen House offers several classes focused on wall-art projects each month.

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