TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — State and local leaders addressed the affordable housing crisis in both Tampa and the state of Florida.

Sen Janet Cruz, Rep. Dianne Hart and other leaders said not enough is being done to reduce rent in Tampa, which has seen one of the steepest increases in the entire country.

The Democrat lawmakers called out Senator Marco Rubio, saying he has failed to step up.

“Where is our help on a federal level, where is Marco Rubio in trying to help Floridians survive this,” Cruz said. “The rents are too damn high.”

CT Harris also expressed her struggle. She said her rent in east Tampa recently went up $300.

“We’ve lived in communities for so long and can’t even afford where we want to live at,” Harris said. “Why should we have to choose to whether we want to feed ourselves or where we want to live? That’s unfair.”

Harris said she is concerned it won’t stop there. An Apartment List July report shows rent in Tampa has gone up six months in a row, and remains above the U.S. average.

“You should not have to work multiple jobs to be able to afford a place to live,” Harris said.

A campaign spokeswoman for Senator Rubio sent 8 On Your Side a statement:

“This is just another desperate stunt from FL Dems hoping to escape responsibility for driving up costs. The $1.9 trillion American ‘Rescue’ Plan Demings voted for last year was called an ‘extraordinary policy mistake’ by a former Obama economist and dramatically drove up Floridians’ cost of living. Demings and her cronies in Washington are complicit in the record inflation and sky-high gas prices that are crushing Floridians. Meanwhile, Senator Rubio has been working to lower costs and improve housing conditions, including by: making it easier for first responders and teachers to buy a home; holding slumlords accountable for failing their tenants; and reducing foreign investment in the urban real estate market. He recently urged HUD to re-inspect Tampa’s Silver Oaks Apartments, which had unsafe and unsanitary conditions.”

Harris said she wants less talk and more action.

“We have to make sure that we have politicians that we voted in, that care about where we live, how we live,” Harris said.