LARGO, Fla. (WFLA) — Sean McGuinness, the victim in what is believed to be a deadly alligator attack at Taylor Lake in Largo, suffered a gruesome death, according to new information from police.

A spokeswoman for the Largo Police Department says when McGuinness was found last week, “he was ​observed to be missing three limbs.”

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials say they are still investigating the 47-year-old’s death but it’s likely the alligator or alligators involved in the attack are still in Taylor Lake.

The FWC released the following statement on its investigation:

“A contracted nuisance alligator trapper removed two alligators from the area. Subsequent surveillance efforts revealed no additional large alligators in the immediate area and removal efforts have been suspended. While the initial field necropsy didn’t reveal evidence, the investigation is ongoing.”

Steve Sperry tells WFLA that he often saw McGuinness in the water at Taylor Lake. Last week it was confirmed the man had been warned multiple times before to stay out of the water.

“We had spoken with him and asked him about the danger associated with going in the water and he had said if you show them some kind of mutual respect they have a relationship with you,” said Sperry.

He says McGuinness had even named some of the alligators in the lake.

“He named the big one, the 10 footer, Willy,” Sperry said.

Despite the dangers, Sperry says McGuinness didn’t have any problems going into the water.

“He seemed fearless with it. He said, ‘we have a relationship. I don’t bother them, they don’t bother me,'” Sperry recalled.