Judge orders former Plant High football star to stay away from ex who filed for restraining order

A Hillsborough County Judge has ordered a former standout quarterback at Plant High School to stay away from his ex-girlfriend for one year.

Robert Marve’s ex-girlfriend filed for a restraining order against the former star athlete, who went on to play football at University of Miami and Purdue University.

Last week, Marve was arrested on a charge of felony battery/domestic battery by strangulation. although that investigation is still underway and he hasn’t been formally charged yet.

The woman identifed as CT has said she wants other women to know about Marve. CT told investigators that Marve abused her several times over the course of their 5-month relationship.

On Thursday, CT asked a judge to protect her by granting a restraining order, she said, “for as long as possible.”

In court documents, CT specified a recent incident at their Key West hotel while on vacation. She claims Marve became angry when he saw another man messaged her on Instagram. She said he started striking her and stomping on her throat until she was covered in bruises and was gasping for air. 

CT also wrote about an incident in Tampa where she claims Marve became enraged at a local club and bit her lip. She said the two stepped outside and he struck her so hard that she fell against his pick-up truck, denting the side and knocking her unconscious, the documents show.

CT also wrote in the documents that he pulled out a knife and told her, “one of us wasn’t walking out alive.” She said he handed her the knife and when she refused to take it, he threw her on the bed and bit her hand until it started bleeding.

Marve’s attorney said the couple was “in a very volatile, physical and sexual relationship. The relationship included unconventional sexual conduct some of which was fairly violent, some of which included dominance, submissive conduct, sadism, masochism. This was a consensual relationship with consensual activity involved.”

CT disagreed in a lengthy statement she sent to WFLA News Channel 8 via text message describing his behavior. 

In part, she said “Robert Marve is no Christian Grey. The abuse I, and other victims endured was not sexually based, but pure evil.”