TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Hever Valenzuela and his wife have worked for others for years, but a few months ago they decided to go out on their own with a food truck.

They found a location on Westshore Boulevard in South Tampa to serve authentic Mexican food.

“I’ve been here for almost three months and my business is doing well so far, can’t complain,” Valenzuela said.

Early Friday morning, when he arrived to start his day, Valenzuela found something he can complain about.

During the night, someone spray-painted a hateful and obscene series of messages on the back of his food truck.

“I come in and I found out that someone, somehow got in my little trailer over here and wrote down some racist stuff,” said Valenzuela.

People in the neighborhood noticed too.

“It happens from time to time and it’s wrong. It’s just wrong. You know, we’re all Americans and we should be united, not divided and we should make room for everybody who comes here, especially if they are going to establish businesses, pay taxes and contribute to the tax base,” said Charles Anrecio who lives nearby.

Matt Regner also lives in the neighborhood and brought by a tarp to cover up the hate message until it can be painted over.

“It’s atrocious. I mean we live in South Tampa, stuff like this doesn’t belong here and on our watch, it’s not going to exist,” said Regner.

The Tampa Police Department is now investigating.