TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Leaders, clergy members, and law enforcement hosted a vigil in Tampa’s Lykes Gaslight Park Thursday to honor the victims of the school shooting in Ulvade, Texas.

The gathering was open to the public.

“It wasn’t our city, but it’s our responsibility,” said Mayor Jane Castor at the event.

Prayers were led by numerous faith leaders. Police Chief Mary O’Conner and other elected leaders were also in attendance.

“Your child goes to school, which is the basis of their growth in this lovely free country of ours and you get a call that they’re never going to come home,” said Andrea Delmonico McMillon as she held back tears. “I cried for two hours. I literally, I’m at a loss for words.”

Many leaders, including Tampa Police Department Chaplin Clarence Nathan, shared their views that elected leaders at the highest levels of government must take real action to ensure mass shootings like this do not happen again.

“As a parent, as a grandparent, and even as a great grandparent, this affects me because I look at that and I look at the innocence of them. We’re living in a time that innocence is lost,” he said.

“I don’t think it’s for us to figure out or know. I think God will reveal in his own way to each of us if we look for the answer,” Delmonico added.