TOWN ‘N’ COUNTRY, Fla. (WFLA) — Cleanup is underway, after Tuesday’s storms caused damage across the Bay Area.

The National Weather Service confirmed a weak tornado touched down near Town N’ Country.

Elaine Scrima lives in the Bay Crest Park community. Her home was one of only a couple with extensive damage.

“I think we definitely took the brunt of it,” Scrima said. “This expedited my remodeling plans, let’s put it that way.”

She was with friends, when she got a call from a neighbor.

“Hey, your lanai is gone, your roof’s gone,” Scrima said she was told. “You need to get here.”

Scrima rushed home. All she could think about were her two dogs that were inside the house.

“That was my first concern,” Scrima said.

She was able to get her dogs out, but the damage was done. Half of her roof caved in and her screened-in patio was destroyed.

“Kind of disbelief, I guess a little bit,” Scrima said.

Just across the canal, Barbara Housand was home with her husband and dog when the tornado blew by.

“It was very scary,” Housand said. “Definitely heard that train sound. Very loud, very scary.”

They took cover as the powerful winds ripped apart their screened-in patio. Debris was scattered across their yard.

“Saw the roof go up, disappear from view and then slam down,” Scrima said.

The National Weather Service also confirmed a tornado touched down several miles away in Trinity.

Despite the damage and destruction, Housand and Scrima are thankful.

“That’s stuff and that can be replaced and I know that sounds cliche, but it’s the truth,” Scrima said.