TAMPA, Fla (WFLA) — The family of 20-year-old Harrison Boonstoppel attended a vigil and walk in Ybor City on Wednesday, days after a mass shooting that resulted in their son’s death.

Moms Demand Action hosted the candlelight vigil at Centennial Park at 5 p.m. It was followed by a walk through Ybor’s 7th Avenue.

Members of Moms Demand Action showed their support for the two victims who were killed in the shooting and those who survived.

Brucie Boonstoppel, the mother of 20-year-old victim Harrison, also attended to share her grief and to push for change.

“I thought I had this safety bubble because I’ve done everything right, I’ve done everything right,” she said. “They have been having the lecture since 10 years ago, which is look around at your surroundings, be ready to run. Which is a sick thing to even have to tell kids.”

Other groups that focus on ending gun violence were also in attendance along with state officials.

“My son died. And his two friends that were with him are in shock,” Boonstoppel added. “It’s not even wrong place wrong time. It’s the reality of this world. And I cannot sit still and let it continue.”

Lashun Tims with 813StopTheViolence is just one person who showed up in solidarity.

“As a mother, as a grandmother, it hurts, so I don’t want that knock at my door, but I will tell you this, it can happen to anyone,” Tims said.