TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Dr. Ori Gat returned to Israel last month to celebrate his sister’s wedding. At that time, he just so happened to do a safety inspection of his family’s bomb shelter, not knowing that weeks later they would be huddling inside, praying for their lives.

“This is obviously very emotional for me and it’s a tough period of time,” said Dr. Gat. “It’s a very dark hour for all of us.”

“We have a pretty massive humanitarian crisis,” he added.

Dr. Gat is a physician at HCA Florida Brandon Hospital, which has donated supplies. He is spearheading an effort to gather medical supplies from hospitals across the southeast, including intubation kits, IV lines and trauma items to be sent to Israel.

“This will be countless of people that it will help, I can’t even fathom how many,” said Dr. Gat.

Since the war began 10 days ago, more than 4,000 people have died and at least 10,000 were left injured.

“All the supplies needed to be there five days ago, so every minute counts right now,” Dr. Gat said.

Now he’s focused on coordinating his efforts in Tampa Bay.

“We people have jumped on board to help everyone wants to help,” he said. “They see their fellow humans injured, and the only you could think about is to help right that’s a natural instinct as do as much good to as many people as possible and that’s what we’re trying to do here.”

The items will be sent to Miami to then be picked up by an Israeli airline next week. Medical facilities wanting to donate can send an email to Dr. Gat at: Medaidsupplyforisrael@gmail.com.