TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Weeks after Tampa Mayor Jane Castor proposed a property tax increase to fund her 2024 budget proposal, she sat down with 8 On Your Side to discuss the plan, its effect on families, and why she feels the plan is necessary.

“Well, now is the time,” she said. “We’ve had so much maintenance that has been delayed for literally decades and we have roads in poor condition, the majority of our roads are in poor condition or worse. And the majority of Tampa residents voted overwhelmingly for transportation so the community wants the roads fixed.”

Castor wants to raise property taxes by 16%, or about $19 a month on a home assessed at roughly $280,000.

“Well, one, there is never a good time, right? And right now our city is prospering,” she said. “You know, our wages have gone up in our city. We’re bringing more high-skilled jobs, higher paying jobs to the city. We’re growing companies from the ground up. And so it is the time right now to be able to address these issues. If we repave a street today, or we ignore it for several more years, it’s five times the cost to repave it.”

As for the anger some residents feel as they consider another possible increase in their monthly budgets, Castor says she understands, but she still feels this plan is the right thing to do at this moment.

“I understand the impact that this is going to have on some of our residents, and I’m willing to have those conversations with those residents,” Castor said. “But this milage increase is in the best interest of our community.”

Watch the full interview with Castor below.