TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Lee Bryant had just turned off the Florida State game, and he and his wife Catherine were settling in for the night when 16 bullets whizzed into their home in the late evening hours of Oct. 8.

“Bullets began to ring through this window,” Bryant recalled. “Striking this window and ended up hitting this far wall.”

The bullet that went through their bedroom window flew just a foot or so above their heads. It broke off a piece of the window blind, which hit Catherine in the face. Thankfully, that was the only injury that night.

Bryant said they both laid flat on the ground until the shooting was over, then he had called 911.

Bryant said he started to feel anger and rage.

“I must be very honest with you. After that incident and I found out she was okay, anger,” Bryant said. “Anger and rage because someone would have the audacity to come up to a residence and just blatantly start firing at innocent people.”

The local church elder lives in the Progress Village neighborhood — a name he feels the area might not deserve.

“Most of the people that are on this block have worked their whole lives,” Bryant said. “They’re pretty much retirees or people on the verge of retirement.”

It’s been a quiet street for the most part, but Bryant says it’s seen multiple shootings recently.

“I was just shocked that I had one bullet shot at my house,” Bryant said. “But to see the number of shots that was fired at this home, I’m still floored. I cannot believe it.”

Bryant fears for his neighbors’ kids’ lives as he watches them play innocently in the yard.

“The kids come out and they say, ‘Hey Mr. Lee, how you doing?’ We got grandkids, great-grandkids,” Bryant said.

Bryant is asking the city and sheriff to increase patrols in the area and hopefully discourage more random acts of violence. During a violent week in the Tampa Bay Area, Bryant wants people to pause before pulling the trigger.

“You’re not just shooting to be shooting, but you’re shooting at someone’s grandmother,” Bryant said. “You’re shooting at someone’s father, you’re shooting at someone’s kid.”