TAMPA (WFLA) – The eye of Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Tampa at 2 a.m.

Officials are asking resident to shelter in place and don’t try to evacuate now.

Those in shelters now will be staying in shelters for a while. All shelters have multiple days’ worth of food stocked up.

Approximately 28,000 people are in shelters throughout Hillsborough County; 1,239 special needs evacuees in the county’s three special-needs shelters, 347 volunteers working in the county’s 45 shelters.

“When this storm ends and we know you want to get home – but realize with storm surge with standing water the dangers that come along with that.  We will work diligently with of our local leaders to make those roads passable, to make them safe to get you guys back home,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister.

A FEMA representative has been in Tampa for the past week.HURRICANE IRMA COVERAGE –