TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The controversy over teacher pay in Hillsborough County continues, this time with an end in sight.

The union declared an impasse in its contract negotiations with the school district last July, but this week, teachers are finally voting on terms everyone is expected to agree with.

A hearing officer was appointed to resolve the matter. After hearing both sides back in December, he finally issued a decision last week. Now, teachers and school board members both need to ratify the new terms.

The school district originally argued it was irresponsible to grant recurring salary increases while it was in an operational deficit. The union disagreed saying the district is misrepresenting its financial situation and how the raises would impact their budget long-term.

After hearing both sides, the hearing officer came up with a resolution.

The wins for the union?

Teachers will get a raise. Plus, they’ll get a bonus of $1,000 to $3,000 if they have an advanced degree. He also recommended paraprofessionals serving as substitute teachers get $10,000 over their hourly rate.

As for wins for the district, the hearing officer recommended against the union’s proposal to raise pay to $30 per hour for teachers covering classes during their planning period.

He said that should not be considered.

This week, teachers are voting on these new terms. Next, it goes to the school board for ratification on April 18.

There were tentatively agreed items that were not at an impasse. Teachers already on the top of the salary schedule will get $2,200, while education support professionals at the top of the salary schedule will get $1,100.

Teachers who moved to the top as a result of the step movement will get $1,100, and education support professionals who moved to the top as a result of the step movement will receive $550.

They will also need to give $300 to teachers who wouldn’t otherwise get a salary increase.

Instructional supplements will increase by 12%. School councilors will also see $1,000 for completing mentoring or training sessions.

There will also need to be a $500 payment for maintaining curriculum-based assessment qualification.

They tentatively agreed on $500 for learning support programs, a free insurance plan, and fingerprint monitoring for 20% of employees.