HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — More people were arrested in Hillsborough County this week for voter fraud than in any county in the state.

Gov.Ron DeSantis calls the voter crackdown “the first election integrity operation.”

The statewide sweep went after sex offenders and convicted killers who voted in the last election.

Neil Volz with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition says the arrests should never have happened. He believes the sex offenders and convicted killers should never have been able to obtain voter registration cards before they went to the polls.

“None of these individuals should have been in this situation. We should not be spending taxpayer dollars and spending resources and time after the fact,” said Volz.

Volz says there is a better way to protect the integrity of elections.

“We think if we were to focus our efforts to have a better data management system that were to have real election integrity and be able to tell who is and who isn’t an eligible voter on the front end then we would save all of this time and effort by law enforcement and the courts and others to try and prosecute somebody years later,” said Volz.

Hillsborough is the only county in the Tampa Bay area that had people arrested in the sweep.

The Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office says it is up to the state to notify them of voter ineligibility before the elections and in the case of the six people arrested this week, they say that didn’t happen.