HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Hillsborough County’s $19 million annual commitment for affordable housing could be on the chopping block.

County commissioners are considering an option to fund other projects with the money.

In September 2019, the commissioners approved the HOPE Affordable Housing Act that established the Affordable Housing Fund.

The ordinance requires the county to put at least $10 million of local public funds to create and preserve more affordable housing units. However, some commissioners are considering reallocating a portion of those funds for other critical needs like enhancing public safety and fixing crumbling roads.

An organization called “HOPE” fought for the passage of the ordinance to make gap funding available to meet the need for affordable housing.

“This investment is good for families, good for businesses, good for schools, good for the whole community,” said Rev. Bernice Powell, co-president of HOPE. “It’s good for the county. It leverages other funds which makes it possible to build needed affordable housing in our county.”

Commissioners say the county receives state and federal dollars for affordable housing.

The next budget public hearing will be on Sept. 21.