HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A canvassing board meeting is underway in Hillsborough County to certify the results of the election Tuesday night.

The canvassing board is going through provisional ballots and ballots with signature issues that may be cured. Those results will be added at the canvassing board meeting.

One issue that will likely get a recount once the results are in, is the Hillsborough County millage tax referendum. The measure would have increased property taxes so the Hillsborough School District could raise teacher salaries.

Currently, around there are about 600 more no votes than yes votes.

At the meeting, the canvassing board will order a machine recount if any race or issue would be defeated by .5% or less of the total votes cast for that race or issue. If any recounts are ordered, they will begin August 26.

After the machine recount, a manual recount must be ordered if the second set of unofficial results indicates that a candidate or issue was defeated by .25% or less of the votes cast.

Official Results must be certified no later than August 30. Results can be found on the 2022 Primary Election page at VoteHillsborough.gov.