HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — On Wednesday, Nov. 15, the Hillsborough County Commission will possibly vote to fine drivers who ignore speed limits in school zones.

The commission is looking at adding speed detection cameras here in the county. Every school could have them in December.

A Sulphur Springs Community School teacher said fast drivers are a big issue at their school.

“We’ve already had one student hit by a car last year,” Coach Elyse Silver said. “We’ve had quite a few close ones this year and this year we did have a crossing guard hit by a car.”

The state recently approved these cameras to be allowed in school zones and Hillsborough County is acting fast on a decision to implement them.

“The first part we’re going to educate the community what’s coming,” County Commissioner Gwen Myers said. “Later the enforcement would happen.”

In Wednesday’s vote, Myers and the other commissioners will decide whether to add the speed detection cameras.

The state would fund them.

Starting next month, drivers could receive warnings. In February, anyone who drives at least 10 miles over the school zone speed limit could get a $100 fine.

”People are just flying. Not only are they flying but the sun is right in most drivers’ eyes so they can’t really see too close in front of them,” Silver said. “We have crossing guards out there blowing their whistles and are in yellow reflective gear and that doesn’t help.”

She said a majority of the kids walk or bike to school meaning a majority of the kids are at risk of danger every morning and every afternoon because people won’t seem to slow down.

Sulphur Springs isn’t the only school having this issue.

The vote on adding speed cameras to protect your kids is at 10 a.m. on the second floor of the county center.