TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Hillsborough County commissioners are putting a plan together on how to spend more than a half billion dollars on transportation projects.

The money was collected through a surtax approved by voters in 2018. The Florida Supreme Court invalidated the 1% surtax in February 2021. Ultimately, Florida lawmakers have the final say on how the funds are allocated.

Wednesday commissioners gather for a workshop and hear suggestions for spending the funds. The $569,782,845 will be applied in the county, Tampa, Temple Terrace and Plant City.

Here’s a breakdown of the plan, according to a presentation prepared for commissioners:

  • $130 million to pave 680 miles of road
  • $40 million to repair 300,000 feet of sidewalk
  • $56 million to repair 40 bridges, replace 10
  • $124 million for intersection improvements
  • $57 million for safety enhancements
  • $116 million for congestion reduction
  • $66 million for trail creation

Commissioners have set a timeline to finalize the proposed plan by February 2023 and send to Legislature for approval.