HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Money meant to fund a ferry project in south Hillsborough County could be moved to fix aging sidewalks in the county.

Sidewalk issues are obvious along the tree-lined streets of Covington Gardens.

“The sidewalks are pretty dangerous,” describes homeowner Jonie Fleischman, “I trip all the time when I walk.”

Homeowners throughout the county have stories about problems with the uneven pavement.

“My wife fell, and she really got hurt,” said resident John Sullivan. “Her sister who is in her 70s fell and her husband fell.”

Hillsborough commissioners are considering reallocating millions of dollars intended for a ferry service to a “Sidewalk Repair Program.”

Plans to create a ferry service in the southern portion of the county connecting Riverview to MacDill Airforce Base were abandoned earlier in the year.

A new plan would move more than $2 million from the ferry service fund to fix the county’s 3,200 miles of sidewalk.

Sullivan said he’s in favor of money to help with the walking hazard.

“I don’t know what it costs to fix sidewalks, I’m no expert on sidewalk fixing but I’ve got to believe there’s a lot of sidewalks still unfixed,” he said.

The topic is listed as part of the agenda for the commission’s Wednesday meeting which starts at 9 a.m.