HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A new penny tax that would finance the construction of roads, sidewalks and mass transit is being considered by the Hillsborough County Commission.

Commissioners will meet on Wednesday to discuss a new sales tax for transportation in Hillsborough County, which would go on November’s ballot.

Voters approved the original transportation penny tax in 2018. The measure was in effect for more than two years before the state Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional, saying commissioners shouldn’t have enough say about how the funds should be spent. Around $562 million was collected, but the proceeds were escrowed after the ruling.

Last week, a Tampa judge ruled the money would not be refunded to taxpayers. It’s now in the hands of the State Legislature, which set up a trust for the money to be used for its intended purpose, improving transportation in Hillsborough County.

Now, the commission is exploring a penny tax that is constitutional.

During Wednesday’s meeting, commissioners are expected to schedule and advertise a public hearing for April 20 to consider enacting the ordinance.