TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Employees of L-Acoustics destroyed more than 120 high-end professional speakers today after a judge ruled they were counterfeit products that had been imported from China by a company in Tampa.

L-Acoustics produces the speakers to be used by groups performing in concert venues.

“We’re a pioneer in regards to providing speaker systems, controllers, that our partners use to facilitate large festivals and tours,” said BJ Shaver of L-Acoustics.

A judge awarded the company five million dollars and allowed the speakers to be destroyed after they were discovered at Tampa-based rental company, Se7ven Sounds Music, Inc.

Shaver says the speakers are counterfeits of L-Acoustics products made in China.

“There is over 136 speakers behind that we are taking some frustration on right now,” said Shaver as employees used sledge hammers to destroy the counterfeit speakers.

The attorney for L-Acoustics says the speakers represent a major trademark infringement.

“As you can see, they are bearing our logos whereas we did not make those products,” said Attorney Laurent Ostogski.

A ruling in the case held, “The defendants infringed the L-Acoustics Trademarks by intentionally and willfully engaging in the unauthorized manufacturing, importation, offering for sale and/or rental, and sale and/or rental of goods in interstate commerce imitating the design of L-Acoustics products and bearing counterfeit L-Acoustics Trademarks.”

L-Acoustics says this is the first judgment of its kind in the audio industry.