The parents of a Hillsborough County boy at the center of a chemotherapy debate were back in court Monday.

Just minutes into the hearing, Circut Judge Caroline Tesche Arkin ordered reporters and the camera to go. Attorneys cited child privacy laws.

“I know that the case has generated a great deal of interest in the public forum,” the judge said.

Joshua McAdams and Taylor Bland-Ball, Noah’s parents, went before the judge to discuss case logistics and also their son’s health.

The parents spoke to reporters after the hearing but declined to do television interviews.

They said Noah remains with his maternal grandparents, per a judge’s previous order.

The father said they spent time with their little boy today and said he seems distant. He thinks the evaluations and time in the hospital away from his parents are taking a toll.

Noah is scheduled for another checkup this Wednesday, his parents said. The results could be available by Monday.

The boy was thrust into the national spotlight last month when his parents took off with him when he was supposed to see doctors for an appointment.

They were later found in Kentucky.