TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Surveillance footage at Bayshore Mediterranean Grill captured what Tampa Police say is a thief stealing thousands of dollars worth of food.

According to restaurant owners, the male thief stole from the restaurant twice last week and returned to steal again Monday night.

“He does not seem to care, he looks right at the camera, so it’s been really disheartening and disappointing,” said Katy Davisson, a restaurant employee. “He has to be local; he’s carrying out all of this meat, and we haven’t seen a car,” she added.

Restaurant owners say the thief has stolen their fresh meat supply, Turkish spices, beer and other side items.

“It’s been a bit challenging because now we have to go shopping and that’s a big shopping haul. We have to order all of our food again,” Davisson said.

The owners believe the thief is jumping a fence at the back of the restaurant to commit the crimes. Although they’ve added extra security and locks, that hasn’t stopped the thief from coming back.

Tampa Police is investigating the crime and hopes to identify the male suspect captured on video. Anyone with information is asked to contact TPD or CrimeStoppers at 800-873-TIPS.