TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Some people in south Tampa said they feel threatened by what they discovered on their front lawns: flyers filled with anti-Semitic hate.

While more anti-Semitic flyers are found outside south Tampa homes with messages of hate, Rabbi Mendy Dubrowski, who is the Director of Chabad CHAI of South Tampa, said now is the time for unity.

“If we simply allow these negativity base groups to control the narrative then were allowing them to win,” Rabbi Dubrowski said. “We have to make sure we’re not daunted, we’re not intimidated, were proud of who we are.”

That message was echoed by Hillsborough County State Attorney, Andrew Warren.

“Stupidity is not a crime,” Warren said.” So the best offense to hateful ignorance is unity and solidarity and that’s exactly what we’re having.”

The flyers display messages blaming the Jewish people for COVID-19 and listing those in the Biden administration who are Jewish.

“Hate has no place in our community and it’s important to recognize that this type of antisemitism is not just a threat against the Jewish people, it goes against everything that we stand for as Americans.”

Warren said law enforcement will see if any crime was committed and if so, who is behind it.

TPD sent News Channel 8 this statement:

“The Tampa Police Department is looking into several incidents where anti-Semitic flyers have recently been distributed throughout the city.  We take these concerns from the community very seriously and are working with our partners in the Jewish community to make sure residents are informed and safe.”

“It’s required of our community at large to gather together to make sure we show support to one another and we make our voices of positivity of love and support, louder than the voices of hate,” said Rabbi Dubrowski.

Rabbi Dubrowski said even if you’re not targeted directly you’re still being targeted because hate spreads like wildfire.