TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came out on the stage at a club volleyball gym in Tampa tossing hats to the crowd. His ‘Hello, Tampa!’ was greeted with resounding cheers as he continues his reelection campaign with less than a month until midterms on November 8.

His nearly hour-long speech covered crowd-favorite talking points, including COVID shutdowns, vaccines, crime, and the economy. He also touched on the Parkland school shooting trial, and the jury’s decision not to recommend the death penalty.

“I don’t see how you could have that and then not do it in this case,” DeSantis said. “It’s a way to, yes, hold the person accountable, but it also is a way to express the community’s revulsion of really, really despicable acts.”

He suggested changing the rules of jury decisions like this one.

“Why do we have one person [that] can hold all this up?” DeSantis asked. “The legislature needs to change that. They need to get in there and they need to fix this. We need a system that is responsive to victims’ rights. It can’t all be about criminals’ rights.”

After acknowledging the other local Republican candidates there with him, including Jay Collins, Anna Paulina Luna, and Laurel Lee, he continued praising his administration’s response to Hurricane Ian.

“I was there at the foot of the causeway, I think on Tuesday,” DeSantis recalled. “As all these power trucks were going across the temporary causeway we’ve already created through our Department of Transportation.”

The more than 200 people in attendance booed when he mentioned voting early absentee voting, but he said he had confidence in the system.

“What I would say is, whatever you like is fine,” DeSantis said. “We’ve got good returns on absentee, and I have confidence in that, I have confidence in early vote in-person and of course, Election Day is going to be a big deal for us.”

 According to a recent Mason-Dixon poll, DeSantis has an 11-point lead over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist. Mason-Dixon said Florida Republicans are likely to sweep down-ballot races.

That opinion was generally reflected in the crowd.

“I’m looking forward for a good outing from the Republican side this year,” said Jayme Valenti. “I think we’re going to have a good turnout and we’ll reelect DeSantis for another term.”

Valenti is a Tampa resident that came to the rally with his 15-year-old daughter Julia.

“I think I should have a say in my country and my state,” said Julia Valenti.

Julia said her father got her into politics, and she takes her cues from him, especially regarding DeSantis.

“I think that he’s done a great job not following everyone else,” Julia Valenti explained. “And doing what he thinks is best for Florida.”

Other attendees agreed.

“I believe DeSantis is the guy who is putting Florida on the right track,” said Dennis Campbell. “People across the nation are seeing what we can do if we do it the right way.”

The longtime Tampa resident said DeSantis is one of the best governors he’s seen.

“With everything that he’s done,” Campbell said. “He’s doing everything for the right reasons because he’s giving us the same voice that Trump gave us five years, six years ago.”