SUN CITY CENTER, Fla. (WFLA) — In one of his many last-minute rallies to get out the vote before Election Day, Governor Ron DeSantis spoke for nearly an hour at the Sun City Center Community Center.

“We will never ever surrender to the woke mob in the state of Florida,” DeSantis said. “Our state is where woke goes to die.”

The more than 500 person crowd in the retirement community was mostly older and energetic, consistently interrupting DeSantis with cheers and punctuating his points with nodding heads.

The governor covered his usual broad range of topics, including the recent death of Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy and issues at the southern border.

“We had a sheriff’s deputy right across the bay in Pinellas County killed by a twice-deported illegal alien who came across Biden’s open border about six or seven months ago,” DeSantis said.

He also explained his firing of former State Attorney Andrew Warren.

“We don’t want to see prosecutors ignore the law either,” DeSantis said, to cheers. “So we had a fellow in Hillsborough County who said there were laws he wasn’t going to enforce. So I removed him from his post.”

But protestors outside the rally disagree.

“Andrew Warren was another act of revenge, and he fired him,” said Fran Bodman. “He fired four school board members.”

Bodman is the president of the Southshore Democrats. A dozen or so members were holding signs and cheering outside the community center. Bodman said others were making calls, getting out the vote.

“When you begin to fire and get rid of everybody who opposes you, that sounds very familiar to me,” Bodman said. “That sounds tyrannical.”

Governor DeSantis also mentioned Joe Biden’s visit to Florida, hoping voters are reminded of Biden’s policies. He also spent time talking about other governor races around the country, like in New York and Georgia, emphasizing that results in those do impact Florida voters. He said Florida Republicans have the chance to turn even more seats red this year than in the past.