TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Former President Donald Trump spoke at an event in Tampa for conservative student activists on Saturday.

Trump appeared at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit as the keynote speaker at around 8 p.m. 3,000 people gathered for the second day of the weekend-long conference.

The president praised the audience, mostly young people. for being politically active.

“The young Americans here today are coming of age at a pivotal time in our nation’s history,” Trump said. “Like so many generations before you, you are the frontlines of a momentous struggle that will determine the future of America.”

He vowed to dismantle the “woke Liberal education system”, which he claimed was pushing “gender ideology and critical race theory” onto children.

“They believe in left wing gender ideology and toxic critical race theory. We believe in two genders,” Trump said.

President Trump admitted he went “off-script” for the speech, which lasted over 90 minutes. “But those are my best ones,” he said.

Trump’s speech comes amid a mounting legal challenge from the Atlanta-area DA and the January 6 Committee hearings, all this as he eyes a potential third run for president in 2024.

Other conservative political leaders, like Florida Sen. Rick Scott and Rep. Matt Gaetz, were also slated to appear at the summit.