PLANT CITY, Fla. (WFLA) — The last time anyone saw Cieha Taylor alive was February 6, 2020.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, her car was found abandoned, unlocked and running at a railroad crossing in the 900 block of East Trapnell Road.

“Just that I wish I could find her,” said Canitha Taylor, Cieha’s mother. “That this nightmare would end.”

Detectives said Taylor dropped her boyfriend off at his home in Plant City. A few hours later they found her car with her purse and phone inside. Deputies moved the car, thinking the driver would return, but her family reported her missing a few days later.

“They’ve had the cadaver dogs out here,” said Taylor. “They’ve had the helicopters.”

Detectives questioned her boyfriend, but still have no leads.

“Cieha was big as life,” Taylor remembered. “She loved life. She had this contagious laugh. She was an avid reader. She was a beautiful person inside and out.”

November 16 is Cieha Taylor’s birthday, which is why a local group called We Are The Essentials held an event in Plant City on November 12.

“We felt like the family wasn’t getting the proper response from local authorities,” Billy Lane said. “So we felt like our help could be used and needed in this case.”

Lane is part of We Are The Essentials — a group composed of former military and law enforcement trying to find missing people.

“They’re just trying to seek an answer to a question that lingers in their family,” Lane explained. “Every holiday, the holiday seasons are coming up, they’re trying to wonder where their loved one is.”

The group says missing people of color are more often forgotten about than found. But families just want their children back — they don’t care for explanations any more.

“Someone, somewhere knows something, so just come forth, anonymously,” said Taylor. “We just want closure of what happened and where she is. And that’s it.”