TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Across the Tampa Bay region, temperatures are expected to dip below freezing over Christmas weekend.

Anita Camacho owns Little Red Wagon Nursery in South Tampa and says some, but not all plants need to be protected.

“Well, natives are actually a lot easier because they evolved in Florida and so they are used to whatever Florida has to throw at it, whether it’s hurricanes or cold weather once in a while,” said Camacho.

She says new plants and exotics should be covered.

“Younger plants, more tender plants sure, avoid plastics because they are typically heavy and will break the plants and you kind of work against yourself in that way but sheets will work, frost cloth if you can find it at this point,” said Camacho.

The nursery owner says even if your plants do suffer damage over the weekend, don’t be too quick to cut them back after the freeze.

“Even if they take a beating with the cold snap give it time before you start making pruning decisions because a lot of these plants will come back, especially woody plants,” said Camacho.