HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Many high schoolers in Florida are getting better educated on financial literacy and Governor Ron DeSantis said he wants to prepare students for the real world.

The fairly new law requires those who enter high school this year to take a financial literacy course in order to graduate.

Many people, including a local high school student’s parent and a financial advisor, said this is a good thing.

Taxes, money saving, and investing, are things many people could probably be more knowledgeable on. Now, high schoolers will be ahead of the game.

“I think that’s something that all kids need to learn how to understand how finances work so that they can be productive,” a high school student’s parent, Mary Kushin said.

The new law will eventually affect all four of Kushin’s kids.

Public high schoolers are now required to learn money management and financial literacy.

“The clients that we work with that you can tell have some sort of solid foundation financially, their conversations are more like, ‘what can we spend our retirement doing,” Wealth Advisor Brian Carr said. “Instead of, ‘How can we afford our retirement?”

Carr said he is thrilled to see the impact this new requirement has on his own son.

“Because they don’t listen to parents a lot,” Carr said. But with an instructor teaching the financial literacy class, he said, “I can see how it could definitely have an impact economically even on the state of Florida.”

Students will be educated on the basic principles of loan applications, insurance policies, and how to manage a bank account.

“They’re responsible for making our community better and they need all of the tools to do that,” Kushin said.

The new bill also reduces the number of required elective credits for high schoolers from eight to seven-and-a-half.