TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Sept. 11 is recognized as a National Day of Service. While Feeding Tampa Bay serves 90 million people annually, they will feed hundreds of thousands from work done today.

It’s the organization’s first time participating in this nationwide service day.

“It was founded by two gentlemen after 9/11 who wanted to create positive change out of a tragedy in our country,” Feeding Tampa Bay President and CEO Thomas Mantz said. “So they built a day of service where people just get together and volunteer.”

Thousands of Americans will give back to the community Monday in remembrance of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 900 of them will be at USF’s Yuengling Center.

Because of this effort in Tampa Bay, 270,000 people in need will have food in their bellies.

“We’ll be putting together meals that folks can readily consume,” Mantz said.

Mantz said they are honored to take part in this special day.

“It’s the largest day of service in any one day, in the United States.”

According to reports, this nationwide meal pack effort fed 6 million Americans last year.

The 270-thousand people receiving one of Feeding Tampa Bay’s nutritious meals can expect to have it by tomorrow. Volunteers will be delivering.