TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Police said fast-acting security guards at the well-known Mons Venus adult entertainment club in Tampa very likely stopped a mass shooting on Sunday night.

Security camera video shows a large man wearing a devil mask try to enter the club. Police said there were more than 200 people inside.

As the man gets to the front door, a member of the security team confronts him and grabs his handgun.

The security guard, Manny Resto, says he’s worked as a guard for 30 years and is an MMA fighter and professional wrestler.

He first he thought the masked man was trying to play a joke. Then he saw his gun, and had to stop him from entering the club.

Resto grabbed the gun and then the two men fought until other members of the security team jumped in.

Police say the suspect, Michael Rudman, 44, has a history of domestic violence and mental health issues.

Interim Police Chief Lee Bercaw says Rudman was incoherent when officers arrived and they have not learned why he was trying to enter the club with a loaded weapon.