PLANT CITY, Fla. (WFLA) — It’s been almost two years since a Gainesville teen was shot to death in Plant City.

Police have not made any arrests so far and his family is pleading for answers and seeking justice.

“It’s been traumatizing,” his mom Candi Preston said. “We all are stuck 22 months in our past because we have zero answers.”

The family of 14-year-old Kenny Coleman Junior said he had tons of potential. He shined on the football field and the basketball court.

“He had the most contagious laugh,” his grandmother Linda Thomas said.

“He was a mama’s boy,” his aunt Chandra Preston said.

“I used to act like that was my child because I would play house with him and that would be my little baby,” his aunt Zantavia Burse said.

Coleman’s oldest sister, Keianna said Kenny was like her best friend.

“We were very close,” Coleman said. “I don’t remember life without him, so these last two years have been hard.

“He was my day one, if anything happened I could go tell him and I’d be straight,” his girlfriend Dayla Lock said. “He was a caring person.

Coleman was Candi Preston’s only son. She said he was the light of the house.

“This boy meant the world to all of us,” Preston said.

Plant City Police said on Aug. 21, 2020 someone shot Coleman in the head on East Alabama Street in Plant City, miles away from his Gainesville home. The family has no clue why the teen was so far away.

“I stand here and fight back tears because of my pride because I don’t want to let the people who done this to my child see me hurt,” Preston said. “It hurts.”

“Our hearts here at the Plant City Police Department continue to go out to the family, because when a young person such as Kenny is lost at such a young age, it’s a tragedy no matter what the circumstances are,” PCPD Captain Alfred Van Duyne said.

Plant City Police said detectives are still investigating and trying to piece together Coleman’s murder.

“We appreciate their patience,” Van Duyne said. “We definitely understand the importance of getting closure for them and bringing any persons accountable for this to justice, but again, it just, it just takes time.”

It’s a pain Preston said will never go away, but she’s hopeful the family will get answers.

“I believe in God,” Preston said. “He sits high. He looks low. So they think they may have gotten away. They could think again.”

The investigation is still open. If you have any information about Coleman’s murder, contact Plant City Police at 813-707-2249.