PLANT CITY, Fla. (WFLA) – Students and parents are invited to learn more about the effects of vaping during an anti-vaping session held at Durant High School Thursday evening.

Senior Miranda Bihler is partnering with Durant’s Principal Gary Graham and School Resource Deputy TJ Henderson to inform the community on ways to reverse the vaping trend among teens.

The session is called, “Vaping: Poisoning Youth One Puff at a Time.”

They’ll discuss the negative effects it’s having on youth and student usage on school campuses. 

Information introduced during this session will include the medical effects, legal repercussions and parental tips presented by speakers from the medical field, law enforcement and the school district.

Bihler hopes this will educate parents and reach her peers.

“I think the statistics are just starting to hit home although they’re not really understanding that it could happen to them. For them, I guess you could say it’s something extraterrestrial almost, that oh it’s happening in the world but it can’t happen to me. Meanwhile, hopefully, me presenting the facts and the effects that could happen just to any normal person that might not see coming and hopefully change their minds about this growing issue,” she said.

This project is part of Miranda’s community work to earn the Gold Award through the Girl Scouts. 

The session is Thursday, Nov. 7, at 6:30 p.m., Durant High School, 4748 Cougar Path, Plant City.